Heyday Classics

Working with a modern, classic car consignment brand to refresh their logo and branding to appeal to a younger generation.


Heyday Classics


Benton, Arkansas



Graphic Design

the challenge

Classic car consignment businesses historically don't market well to younger generations. Heyday Classics is working to change that.

Built from a passion for classic cars and bringing generations of enthusiasts together, Heyday Classics is a modern brand that strives to add value to the heritage of the classic car industry. From its proven classic vehicle consignment program to its non-mechanical parts inventory, Heyday Classics is your go-to resource for the veteran collector and the younger generation of hobbyist newcomers.

When Brandon Horvath approached me about designing a new logo for his company, then named Horvath Speciality Auto - he told me they were updating their name to Heyday Classics with the hopes of refreshing their market perception and appealing to a younger generation. They wanted to keep the vintage and rustic vibe that typical classic car patrons expect but bring it into the modern era. This is a fantastic example of knowing your current audience and specifically marketing to your ideal client.

They also needed social media templates with consistent branding where they could post their vehicles that were currently for sale. Using the same designer for your branding and other marketing materials is always a great way to keep the overall design aesthetic consistent across all of your company's marketing efforts.

the results

After many conversations with Brandon and doing comparative market research - where we look at what design space their main competitors were occupying and how we can differentiate from it - we were stoked to pitch this logo concept to the Heyday team. And the outcome we always want happened; they LOVED the new look and had zero revisions! 🙌🏼

Our goal is to always take the time to learn our client's ideal customer and do the research on the front end so once we deliver your logo, there is no guesswork. If we do it right, we should know exactly what you're looking for and deliver every time. That's the goal anyway!

Testimonial Image

Nailed it my friend! The logo you designed for us looks and feels perfect for the brand we are trying to create. You really knocked it out of the park on this one!

Brandon Horvath

Owner & Founder
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