Fort Smith Coffee Co.

Working with a popular, local coffee shop to refresh and revitalize their brand and logo.


Fort Smith Coffee Co.


Fort Smith, Arkansas



Graphic Design

the challenge

Fort Smith Coffee Co. is an awesome place to meet with friends and grab a cup of coffee but the previous logo had a LOT going on!

This is a bittersweet project because I really love the direction that it turned out but unfortunately this wasn't the direction the client ended up going with. I wanted to go ahead and show it here regardless, because I really love this brand mark and the process behind it.

This was a project that the amazing team of artists at Ink Custom Tees and I worked on at my previous job. We were approached by this popular coffee shop in Fort Smith, Arkansas to refresh and simplify their logo for a complete rebranding process. The shop has a rich history and great western aesthetic so we wanted to bring them into the modern era while still keeping with the heritage and traditional vibe that the shop already possessed. The main goals were to keep either the horse or the hawk in the new mark and to keep the historic nature of the existing brand intact.

the results

I am so proud of this mark and I think it speaks to all of the main objectives that we were tasked to achieve. I especially love the custom designed flying hawk and the way the intricate fonts work together and speak to the history and heritage of the coffee shop. That secondary circle mark is one of my favorites as well.

I hate they didn't choose this design direction but that's the way it goes sometimes. The most beautiful thing about art is the personal and subjective nature of it.

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