Bluewater Barber + Supply

Partnering with a classy, new barbershop to create a modern brand and online experience.


Bluewater Barber + Supply


Little Rock, Arkansas


Web Design


Graphic Design

the challenge

I've trusted Cody to keep me looking right for years so I wanted to make him look good for a change.

I got to know Cody Mayes, the Owner and Head Barber at Bluewater Barber + Supply a couple years back. I've trusted him to keep my beard looking right for years so when he reached out for help with the branding and web design for his incredible new barbershop - I couldn't say yes fast enough! I wanted to make him look good for a change.

From the initial vision meetings all the way to it’s launch, this project was a dream to work on.⁠ We wanted to design a brand and online experience that was clean and bold - elegant yet approachable. We wanted the website to be an online reflection of how it looks and feels to walk into the new barbershop with it’s dark, moody walls and elegant pops of pale and white accents. Cody knows how to create an amazing atmosphere in his barbershop and I wanted his website to do the same.

Functionally, the website needed to show their prospective clients their available services in a visual and creative way, tell some of the history and vision for the shop, introduce and provide credibility to the barbers, book appointments and even needed to direct the user to download their companion booking app.

Not too much right?! 😂

the results

After all was said and done, I think we achieved our goal! The website gives the same vibe as when you walk into the doors of Bluewater. It feels new and fresh but it's a place that feels so familiar that you want to sit and stay awhile. The client is happy and I'm beyond thrilled to have been a small part of helping Cody build the barbershop and online experience of his dreams.

Now it's time to get in there and get this beard shaped up!

Testimonial Image

You went above and beyond on this project. We get constant good feedback on how much people love the website. Thank you so much for everything!

Cody Mayes

Owner & Head Barber
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