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Creating a customized online presence for an up and coming real estate brokerage to stand out in the booming housing market.


Taylor Real Estate


Jacksonville, Alabama


Web Design

Graphic Design

the challenge

Any time you are launching out and starting something new, you HAVE to have people who are willing to take a chance on you. Taylor Real Estate Solutions were those people for me.

In the current housing market climate, your online presence is everything. It's your lifeblood and you literally cannot survive with an intuitive place to list and sell your properties. So that was why I was so incredibly honored when Bryan Taylor approached me and asked if I could help them design and develop their website. This was right when WestRock was getting off the ground and they took a chance on me. They understood the journey as they were just getting started as well.

Like every real estate brokerage, TRES needed a website that could serve many functions. It needed to tell the brokerage's story, share a little about the realtors of the brokerage as well as being an efficient way to list and sell their properties. Since they needed to list hundreds of properties with lots of hi-resolution images, their website needed to have a robust CMS (content management system) that could host and access all of that content quickly and efficiently. The main challenges were creating a website that could be super image heavy and feature-rich yet still be agile enough to load pages quickly and score well on search engines.

the results

We were new to the game but we were excited to jump in with both feet and provide an online experience that our clients would love and that we were proud of. With it's beautiful, sprawling property listings and features like featued property sliders and customized listing tags - the Taylor Real Estate website has a lot packed under the hood. The team at TRES has loved the Editor function of the back-end of the website which allows them to add and manage their properties as they go through the sales process. They're pretty great at their job though so lots of their listings don't even make it to the site before they are sold.

All in all, we worked alongside the team at Taylor Real Estate to design and develop a website that meets all their needs and we are thrilled to have it in our portfolio as well.

Testimonial Image

Marketing and digital appearance has never been my strong suit. Working with WestRock Creative has completely changed our online presence. Dramatic improvement!

Bryan Taylor

Principle Broker & Realtor
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