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Partnering with a leading conservative political research team to create a dynamic website that covers state legislation that affects every Arkansan's life.


Opportunity Arkansas


Conway, Arkansas


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the challenge

Politics is not something I've ever followed too closely but when Nic Horton and the Opportunity Arkansas team reached out I could instantly tell this was a project I wanted to be involved in.

Opportunity Arkansas is a conservative, political non-profit organization that's mission is to research generational political issues plaguing Arkansans and inform and educate the public about the consequences if we don't make a course correction in our policies.

As we began the planning stages of this project it became immediately clear how ambitious this website was going to be. The client needed a robust web solution that had the capacity to host an incredible amount of content related to legislation and politics. Obviously, it also needed to be easily navigated and digested by the typical, political "lay person" like myself. From containing editorial articles and long-form policy documents to interactive web elements like Bill and Voting Trackers, this website needed to be an agile, ever-evolving platform that could scale to become the preferred outlet used by thousands to get their policy news and to become educated on the state of politics in Arkansas.

the results

After many intense planning sessions and conversations we got to work on building the exact solution that we described above. The Opportunity Arkansas website has now grown to almost 100 pages including the largest Content Management System (CMS) that I've ever created and managed. With a site this large and image heavy, we've spent countless hours optimizing every aspect to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible on all platforms and devices.

The fantastic team at OA and WestRock are continuing to collaborate on this project and others and have big visions for what's to come in the future.

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All of the work WestRock has done has been so great and dynamic. Our clients tell us over and over how helpful and informative our website is. Thank you for all you've done!

Nic Horton, CEO & Founder

Opportunity Arkansas
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